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Pay it forward!

Prefer to send your gift to someone else? Simply choose the option to ReGift your GiftYa!

For a processing fee of $1.95, you can take any GiftYa you received, personalize it, and send a new GiftYa to send to someone else for the same amount as the gift you received.

  1. Select a merchant.

    • Keep the same merchant, or choose a new merchant.

    • Depending on the selected merchant, your new recipient will have multiple methods to use their gift.

  2. Choose a wrapper design.

    • Upload a photo, video, or choose from one of our pre-designed wrappers.

  3. Choose the delivery method and enter your recipient's details.

    • Send your GiftYa to anyone in the United States with a mobile phone number.

  4. Enter your payment info.

    • You will only be charged the processing fee of $1.95.